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I have a very simple server with just a few personal domains, but it runs with DirectAdmin which I don't want to change.

This server has 2 IP's, 1 for NS1 and 1 for NS2. Now I want to have 1 IP back, they point to the same server anyway.

Is there a way to have NS1 and NS2 point to the same IP, so one IP opens up?

If this is not possible, what are the consequences of running with only 1 NS?


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When you say you want the IP back, do you want to use it again on same server or different one? – anthonysomerset Feb 28 '11 at 14:12
No I want to use it on a different server. – YesMan85 Mar 1 '11 at 16:42
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Both NS can point to the same IP, but not all registrars are allowed. One NS for TLD probably not happen.

RFC 2182:

  1. How many secondaries?

    The DNS specification and domain name registration rules require at least two servers for every zone. That is, usually, the primary and one secondary. While two, carefully placed, are often sufficient, occasions where two are insufficient are frequent enough that we advise the use of more than two listed servers. Various problems can cause a server to be unavailable for extended periods - during such a period, a zone with only two listed servers is actually running with just one. Since any server may occasionally be unavailable, for all kinds of reasons, this zone is likely, at times, to have no functional servers at all.


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