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I am trying to get Project Server 2010 up and running on a Win Server 2008 box. I've got Sharepoint 2010 installed and Project Server 2010 installed. I open SharePoint Central Administration, then I go to Manage Service Applications > Project Server Service Application. It looks like there is a site under the "Sharepoint - 80" section, but the Status says "Failed - see the Application event Log". When I click on the site and select "Retry" I get the same thing. In the event viewer, I see an error with SharePoint Foundation Search as the Source - it reads:

Could not create a database session.

Context: Application '276504a6-93b1-4c1f-a900-fd6ed9d5c117'

Details: The database connection string is not available. (0xc0041228)

How can I fix this? Is there some configuration I missed?

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I noticed that there were some databases that already existed in the SharePoint database instance, and I wondered if the project site creation process was getting messed up because they were already there. I deleted the default instance of the project web app, then created a new one, and this actually worked. Hope this helps someone in the future.

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