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I've created a application that uses a 3rd party activex control and deployed it successfully on a test intranet. The clients are prompted to install the control and it runs fine. I am now attempting to get someone else to deploy it on their intranet and their clients are unable to download the activex control from the server. The normal internet explorer pop-up dialog appears saying "do you want to install the activex control", but nothing installs and no error message appears. Just a little red cross where the activex control should be. Their clients have ie8 and windows 7 same as me.

I've tried a few things like getting them to add the site explicitly to their intranet sites and prompting for all the activex options in Tools>Security>custom level but no luck and it is very difficult to get them to troubleshoot as I don't have remote access to their network.

Is there a log file somewhere or a list of actions I can get them to take to trace the problem?

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Looks like it was their proxy server causing the problem...

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Feel free to mark this answer as accepted. It lets the system know a problem was resolved. – sysadmin1138 Mar 3 '11 at 3:10

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