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I am using bluehost shared hosting. I want to setup bugzilla. There are lot of guides on google search. As i having a tons of stuff on bluehost. I am looking for a trustable source. Anybody who is having step by step guide to install bugzilla. I have shell access.

PS:-- for precautions i have a backup. But i dont want to mess up the things.


I was trying:--

Stuck here:--

I was just going with the flow:--

  1. ./
  2. /ramdisk/bin/perl --all
  3. vi ./localconfig (modified db, dbuser, dbuserpass)
  4. ./

and after that by script :--

  • Tables created
  • some directories, css files and atlast

    Creating ./lib/.htaccess...
    Creating ./template/.htaccess... 
    Creating .htaccess...
    Creating contrib/.htaccess...
    Creating t/.htaccess...
    There is no such group: apache. Check your $webservergroup setting in

Back on terminal.. What next??? I think it should ask me about administrative username and password etc

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Please dont ask for step-by-step guides. It shows that you are not willing to learn anything. And, quite honestly, we're not a support department who writes documentation. – pauska Mar 1 '11 at 11:58
@pauska please check the question. I have specified what i did. Please check first and then say. – Mohit Jain Mar 1 '11 at 12:01

The error message specifies clearly what the problem is. In your localconfig file, there is a setting for the value $webservergroup (which is the Unix group your webserver runs with the permissions of). You have it set to "apache" (which, I believe, is the default) but there is no group in the system with that name. So you need to set it to the true name of the group your webserver runs as.

I am not familiar with bluehost but another common value is "www-data". To find out, do ps aux | grep apache and look at the first column. One may be root, but the next few will be the value you want.


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thnks.. for bluehost u need to make that entry blank.. thanks for ur help – Mohit Jain Mar 2 '11 at 9:26
The comment in the localconfig file warns against setting the value to "", as it can be a security risk. Some files are made world readable/writeable, and so (depending on how bluehost works - does it give out accounts, or entire VMs?) other bluehost users on the same machine may be able to change your files. – Gervase Markham Mar 2 '11 at 11:00
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For bluehost u need to make that entry blank

means in bugzilla/localconfig


change it to

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