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I am currently building a new DFS namespace setup.

My folder E:\CommonStuff\ is already shared on the fileserver. And now it is also shared as \DOMAIN\CommonStuff

I got 3 questions:

  1. I see .DFSFolderLink records in all folders I create in the DFS Managment console. But all folders that was in E:\CommonStuff allready does not contain these records.

  2. Are the .DFSFolderLink records important?

  3. Does it make any difference if I create subfolders "the old way" in the E:\Commonstuff\ or if I do it within the DFS Managment console?

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.DFSFolderLink shows up when viewing DFS Links using the Windows 2003 DFS console against Links created on Windows 2008, as far as I've seen.

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I can't help you on the purpose or importance of the DFSFolderLink but to answer #3, no, it does not matter which way you create the folder or share.

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