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I would like to identify each KVM instance as it is started up, and one of the ways that i figured i can do this is pass IP address into the KVM in the command line arguments. However, i can't seem to do that for some reason. I used the following command:

kvm -smp 1 -vnc :3 -net net= -daemonize -drive file="master.qcow2" "$@"

Where it gives me an error:

No type specified for -net

Anyone have any solution for this problem or the more general problem of identifying kvm instances?

thanks a lot!


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What do you mean by "identify"? – sciurus May 12 '11 at 2:05

-net nic[,model=<adapter_model>][,macaddr=<mac>][...] This is the actual code, no IP address can be specified here. a VM is actually a standalone machine, which behaves like a physical host. If you absolutely need to specify IPs per VM, you can specify the MAC, and set up your DHCP to assign the right IP to the assigned MAC

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