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I am running a webserver with apache2 and ubuntu. Using ps I can see only a few apache processes running:

ps aux | grep apache

However if I htop, I can see loads of apache2 processes running. About 2 dozen. Why the difference?

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apache2 is a semi-threaded model vs. the original apache series. Top doesn't do threads, neither does ps - but htop does. – Avery Payne Nov 19 '09 at 18:49
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HTop is showing all the processes and their threads whereas ps aux only shows the processes. Press F5 in htop to create a hierarchal view of the processes and their threads. It will make more sense.

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sweimann's answer is correct.

Additionally you can make ps(1) behave in the same way by using the H flag which will display threads as if they were processes.

Apparently the same key will also toggle off such behaviour in htop.

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I don't know htop, but maybe it displays threads as separate processes and you have configured apache with a multithreaded worker?

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In htop, you can disable this behavior by pressing F2, then go to "Display options", then mark "Hide userland threads". Optionally you may find "Hide kernel threads" useful too.

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To highlight the difference between processes and threads in htop:

  1. press F2
  2. select "Display options"
  3. enable "Display threads in a different color"
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