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I am running alfresco community edition 3.4c on a debian linux. I have problems getting the kerberos authentication in order. The biggest problem is that do not seem to have any sort of user logs.

what i am using already:

I've also checked if the users actually reach the server, and they do, (also on a linux firefox outside of domain, i seem to be able to log in).

Can anyone help me get more user logging?

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it seems you have to set the logging options in "webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/" and not in the file. apparently that one overrides the global properties file.

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As you've spotted, you can't put log4j configuration into your alfresco-globals file. That's only used for Spring related configuration, and not log4j stuff.

If you want your own custom log4j file, without touching the system one, place it in alfresco/extension and call it {something} (eg and it'll be used on the next start.

If you look at alfresco/logging-context.xml you'll see the list of places that Alfresco looks for logging config, and is worth a read if you're new to log4j and how Alfresco uses it.

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