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I need to run a cat5 cable 400'. I know this is just a little over the 325' that the 'standard' says cat5 can do, and will probably work. But we'd like to make sure this isn't a weak link in the system. Can I just put a simple switch in the middle as a signal boost or do I need a specialized 'repeater'? If so, what product am I looking for?

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A simple switch should do the job. So would a hub. From the point of view of signal amplifying, all work the same. It all comes down to the price.

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A simple switch will work. The limit is per segment, and a switch generates different segmetns on every side.

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75 feet isn't just "a little" over the limit, it's 25% over the limit. That being said, a switch in the middle should be all you need.

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Plus the standard restricts how close to other cords the e5 cable can be placed. Which will add the overhead. – colemik Jan 6 '12 at 10:57

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