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I have 2 servers both ubuntu say serverA and serverB

I am running a shell command from serverA on the shell of serverB but it seems I need to do some escaping for the exact command to reach serverB. The command on serverB doesnt have & and anything after that. Is there anyways I can make sure exact command reaches the serverB:

I am doing this on serverA

ssh root@serverB 'processthis -a,2,3&m=a,b,c'

the actual command that needs to reach serverB is:

processthis -a,2,3&m=a,b,c

but the command that reaches there is

processthis -a,2,3


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Try putting a double quote around the argument to processthis.

ssh root@serverB 'processthis -a ",2,3&m=a,b,c"'

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Thanks I tried the double quote approach and it worked. Thanks – Sparsh Gupta Mar 2 '11 at 16:31

You should escape the & with an \ as it gets treated by bash. Try this:

sh root@serverB 'processthis -a,2,3\&m=a,b,c'

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