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Anyone have some good MySQL config settings for an EC2 Micro instance? The sample config files that come along with MySQL are like 10 years old--one assumes you have a max 64MB of system RAM. Does anyone have some well-tuned settings for a micro EC2 instance? Or even a small instance?

Here are some settings that are used for RDS MySQL instances (RDS being sort of a stand-alone EC2 instance that's optimized to run MySQL):


DBInstanceClassMemory appears to be a pseudo-variable that RDS makes available to you in your config. In the case of a small instance, then, this value should be 1.7GB or 1825361100.

Do these sound like reasonable settings to use, scaling that DBInstanceClassMemory down to 613MB for a micro instance?

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You can try using the on your micro instance for automatic suggestions based on your current database usage.

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I've never seen those tools before, thanks! – Rob Cameron Mar 10 '11 at 4:20

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