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This is mainly an issue for my development ec2 server as it seems that my instance keeps becoming inaccessible via SSH. It happened yesterday so I killed that one and started a new one and happened again later today. The server still works, my web application is accessible in a web browser but whenever I try to connect via SSH I get a permission denied (private key) error message in my terminal. I am 100% sure I am doing nothing wrong as I can create a new instance of the exact same AMI (its a personal custom AMI), change absolutely nothing, including using the same .pem key, and then am able to SSH into that new instance using the exact same command as before (just changing the IP address).

I understand that ec2 can have issues but having this happen every day seems a bit odd.. I am using an m2.xlarge instance so I don't know if these tend to be unstable, in the past I have used a small instance and had it running for months with no problems which is why I find this so odd.

I am looking into using loadbalancing but it seems the only "health" checks they offer is for http or tcp so I'm not sure if I can make it monitor for SSH connectivity. This is important for development as I may make 1-2 new pushes of an application a day and use SSH to do this. I have a designer that needs to have the app always accessible as he works with the front-end files to test output with the live application. Anyways, any advice / info is appreciated

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I tend to attach and keep the same public elastic ip on instances, so the lack of a stable ip, depending on your client setup, might be connected with the problem to a certain degree.

Depending on the distribution you are using, you could look into /var/log/auth.log or /var/log/syslog to have some more debug info about what's going on ...

Are you using a Unix terminal or some other kind of terminal application to login?

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