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Has anyone tried to run vmconvert on a Windows 2008 64 bit server running Exchange 2007? Here is what I did. I stopped the Exchange processes and IIS and ran vmconvert. When I moved the new server to my vmware server 2.0 for windows and booted it. All seemed well except I could not send or receive email. All outbound was stuck in the queues. I was able to log in via OWA so that tells the network setup/NIC bindings were OK. Any ideas?

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What errors are the queue viewer giving?
Can you send email internally?

Standard troubleshooting steps are to sit on Exchange server and do a nslookup of SMTP server you need to send to, then do a telnet 25 to test connectivity out to external server.

Also look at your send connector to make sure you're using DNS MX records and not routing through a smart host or External DNS Lookup being enabled. If your box had relocated to a different network or subnet these settings need to verified.

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If the guest O.S. can boot and its network setup is ok, everything that could have been broken by the P2V conversion most certainly wasn't, so the problem should lie somewhere else.

Some obvious troubleshooting steps:

  • Does the VM have enough hardware resources? Exchange can really ask much to its hardware, and VMware Server isn't exactly the best option for serious virtualization needs.
  • Is there anything strange in the System and/or Application logs in Event Viewer? If you find errors, post them here.
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