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I have a doc management app on shared CentOS server and docs from all clients/users are saved in one folder(not in public_html).

I backed all docs to a VPS box but now would like just to sync difference every hour or so from shared CentOS box to VPS.

How can I do that?


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  1. VPS has OpenSSH installed
  2. You have configured password-less public key access to VPS from CentOS

On the CentOS system, create a crontab entry as root, similar to this:

0 * * * * rsync -avz -e ssh /path/to/docs vpsuser@vps:/destination/path

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This works Ok. I had some issues with passwordless public key access to VPS but this works. Thank you. I have a subquestion. How can i sync deleted files on shared CentOS with VPS? – mojeime Mar 4 '11 at 0:39
Are you wanting to remove files on the VPS that were removed from CentOS, or remove the files from CentOS after they are transferred to the VPS? – JeffG Mar 4 '11 at 13:45

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