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I've got a Hyper-V machine that I want to copy so that I can keep a template around for other servers.

I tried using the export/import feature but regardless of which folder I use, it always errors with the following:

Import failed. Unable to find virtual machine import files under location

How do you copy machines?

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We use SCVMM to store template VHDs... this is probably the easist way. If you don't want to buy VMM, you can probably get away with doing a sysprep of the machine before you copy the VHD. This ensures that the image is properly prepared for duplication.

We've never had much luck with the export/import feature, either. If you end up just copying the VHD, you'll need to make note of the VM configuration as this will need to be regreated manually.

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  1. Sysprep the guest VM (if you are trying to use this machine as a template)
  2. Shut down the guest
  3. Rename the VM to “my base VM” in Hyper-V Manager (again presuming this is a template if not this is not needed)
  4. Hyper-V Export Virtual Machine
  5. Rename the original VM back to the original name
  6. Make a copy of the exported directory (again if this is a template otherwise skip)
  7. Import the one of the directories
  8. Rename the new VM to your new VM name, (eg "my cloned VM")

For a scripted example see Hyper-V WMI – Cloning Virtual Machines Using Import/Export

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Easiest way is to just search for your VHD.

Just do a find *.vhd, thats basically everything right there, copy it somewhere and now you've got a reference image.

You should also look at why the import/export fails, that might be indicative of a configuration issue.

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This is about 90% of it, but there is more to a hyper-V image than just a hard drive. Certain hardware choices and other settings might be important as well. – Joel Coel Mar 3 '11 at 20:25
If you can pick the same settings when resetting up your VM it'll run fine. And to be honest if its a windows VM it'll probably run fine anyways. Only time I run into a problem is when I'm hitting linux VMs and forget to add a legacy NIC. – ErnieTheGeek Mar 3 '11 at 20:46
Import/export really is important and should work. – Jim B Mar 3 '11 at 21:01
Yeah, I'd probably reload the Host OS if I had that kind of problem. – ErnieTheGeek Mar 3 '11 at 21:07

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