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Here are all of my rewrite rules: (there are no others - this is all of them)

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^$ index.php?action=index
RewriteRule ^([\w]+)$ index.php?action=$1

When I visit:

The PHP script index.php is indeed invoked and has $_GET['action'] set to test as expected.

However, when I visit:

...the PHP script reports that $_GET is empty. Why does this happen only for index?

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Can't replicate the results you note – random Mar 4 '11 at 3:00
@random: Really? Then that is weird. – Nathan Osman Mar 4 '11 at 3:04
/ alone will be empty, but /index was sending through to $_GET fine – random Mar 4 '11 at 3:05
I'm using Apache 2.2.16 and PHP 5.3.3-1ubuntu9.3. – Nathan Osman Mar 4 '11 at 3:07
Oh, and the whole thing is running on Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit. – Nathan Osman Mar 4 '11 at 3:07

This might have something to do with your DirectoryIndex setting:

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