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I have PHP 5.3.5 installed on IIS 7 which I installed through WebPI (Web Platform Installer). I would like to have some global settings controlled on a site by site basis but I am unable to have the changes take. For example, by default register_globals = Off, but I want one site to be able to set register_globals = On.

I create a php.ini file with simply the following two lines, and save it to the root of the site:

register_globals = On

When I run phpinfo() from another .php file to just inspect the settings, the global and local setting for register_globals shows up as Off. I expect the Global setting to be Off and the Local to be On. I also notice that" Additional .ini files parsed" = (none) which gives me the impression that it just simply isn't loading the php.ini file in the root of the site.

I have not changed any settings after I installed PHP through WebPI, so the global php.ini file is set to whatever the defaults are. Anyone have an idea what's going on or what to try next?

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This might help if you need the full php.ini file, although @Constantine has a much simpler solution if you don't.

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Exactly what I was looking for. – Marlon Mar 4 '11 at 21:57

You can try ini_set . with this function you can modify global settings from php.ini for particular page or all website.

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