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I have a zip folder structure which is read as a plugin from a server system. I need to edit some text files inside these zip folders, but

  1. extracting
  2. editing
  3. packing

is tedious and error-prone.

  • Does anyone knows an editor that can open files inside zip folders?
  • Extra: Is this editor configurable, so it will treat files with different extensions like a .zip. too?
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it looks like at least vi can do it - simply open and edit! – wendy_44 Mar 5 '11 at 19:55
You should be able to simplify this with a bit of scripting, although after reading your question I suspect that might be too much bother for you. – John Gardeniers Mar 5 '11 at 21:33

AFAIK, there is no editor which can do this.

While there are a variety of programs which can open files from inside a zip, they generally do this by extracting the file and saving it in a temporary location (on memory or disk). The zip file itself is never changed.

Changing the contents of the file would require the contents of the zip to be extracted, altered, then re-compressed--automating the process you refer to. I'm not aware of any Mac OS editors which do this automation.

The exception is the case where you actually mount the archive as a filesystem, which I believe can be done using FUSE with the fuse-zip extension (see MacFuse for a GUI). But this might be overkill for your needs.

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thank you for fuse-zip, i had a look there, but indeed, it seemed to be overkill for such a task .. – wendy_44 Mar 5 '11 at 19:56

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