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I'm looking to synchronize my PIM data between several computers and devices, but I don't want to share my data with Google or other third parties. I have my own server running Debian.

I run openSUSE KDE on most of my computers (work, home, laptop) and Ubuntu Netbook on my netbook. I have a Symbian S60 phone, but will probably soon get an Android instead. What's the best and most easy-to-setup software I can run on my server, fitting my needs? How do I set it up? I would prefer a single solution for both address book and calendar.


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SOGo does all of this. I prefer it to other programs because its open source and doesn't restrict features between "community" and "paid" versions.

It even has a slick web interface, more than I could've hoped for, thanks! – Jacob R Mar 6 '11 at 19:58

I like GroupOffice its a cool application and there is a community edition.


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