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i want to hand in a course work for marking but i have no idea what files represent the database. Question: Where can i find the postgres sql database on my hard disk? Thanks.

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You should use pg_dump to export the database to SQL. Giving the raw files won't work if they are running a different version, 64bit instead of 32bit or something else in the environment.

You can easily export it using pgadmin3

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Checkout the startup parameter -D for the Postgres service. It defines where the data directory is located.

To hand in your homework, you'd better export the database using pg_dump as WoLpH suggested. The actual files in the data directory are binary files and I bet your teacher want's to have SQL scripts

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The database files are in what is called the "data" directory. Depending on your environment there are a few ways to tell - here is one that should work everywhere:

psql -d database_name_here -c "show data_directory"

And if you're turning this in for some school work you should:

pg_dump -d database_name_here

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If installed by apt-get or similar package manager, most likely in

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