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The set-up:

Nginx 0.8.54 serves as a reverse SSL proxy to Apache.

Web application being served is used in this way - we upload multiple text files, process them and re-direct user to a page displaying processed results.

The problem:

On uploading files the re-direct starts but then a web browser freezes for a few seconds (eventually coming back to life). After that the re-direct successfully completes.

Since there is no problem of this kind when going directly through Apache the bottleneck must be in Nginx's proxy settings.

I've looked here and here

Could you, guys, help to pinpoint which of the settings need adjusting to prevent browsers from freezing?

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I don't think it's a buffer size issue since both the upload and the redirect are both working. I would suspect some misconfiguration in reverse proxy config, maybe in rewriting, so the first step I would take to debug this problem is check HTTP traffic with httpfox or similar tool and see where the time is going

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