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I would like to use my DHCP server to give information about some local services like ntp, using DHCP options as explained in the dhcp-options(5) manpage.

Does anyone here know, or is there a good document on the net, which options I can reasonably expect clients on different operating systems to know about? I imagine that things like "option font-servers" will be ignored by Windows and Mac DCHP clients because their host OS's don't use X11 fonts, but how about ntp-servers, smtp-server, subnet-mask or similar?

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There is this file: IPConfiguration.xml

Which is found in:


It has an array which lists the DHCP options that Mac OS X requests. Whether or not it can request others, I don't know...

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This file is not present in OSX 10.9.4 - anyone know how to do this in this version of OSX? – Lance Aug 7 '14 at 3:45

Use a network sniffer like tcpdump or wireshark to see which options are requested by your clients.

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Thanks for your reply, but I asked if there's any existing knowledge because I wanted to avoid testing this for n DHCP servers across m different clients... – jstarek Mar 8 '11 at 8:57

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