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I seem to have screwed my server installations. I installed IIS last night on my local machine that was running XAMPP on Win7.

Now, if I try to connect to my application from my laptop on the localnetwork using I am unable to do so. This was working perfectly before I did that installation.

I can access through the local machine just fine.

Please help!

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Most probably both servers are running at the same port. You can check that using the xampp control panel. At the control panel, at the right hand side, click "Port-check" and see which application is using which port. You can reconfigure the port used by Apache very easily. Look at

<your installation path>\apache\conf\httpd.conf

Normally apache uses port 80

Find this line:

Listen 80 

change it to:

Listen 85 
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Yes. I guess that was the problem. I uninstalled IIS since I did not want to get too adventurous and everything is fine. But I believe your answer was correct. – user75700 Mar 24 '11 at 14:37

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