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I have downloaded all debian's DVD disks, and I have set up apache httpd service.

I combined all dvd disk 's file, but I found the .gpg file I need and I can't create it. it looks like source's signature file. so when I set my /etc/apt/sources.list file as follow:

deb squeeze main contrib

it noticed me the gpg files verilied faild.

so I want to know , how to create gpg file, and do I need some other work except put DVD's file to the apache's htdocs path?

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You have two choices to get an internal Debian apt site (it's called repository):

  1. Make a mirror. There is the documentation from the Debian project about it. Mirrors take a lot of space, and remember you need a mirror for each of the Debian architectures you run internally (that means, amd64 and i386 are two separated repositories)
  2. Use a caching proxy. There are many for debian, it's only a case of getting the one that will suit you best: apt-proxy, apt-cacher, apt-cacher-ng. I also had success using Squid with a configuration that kept .deb files a long time on cache (and allowed caching of big files).

The mirrors will make you have a full debian distro available in case of intermittent internet access (or restricted), while the proxy will make the update of machines faster after the 1st intall or update. Mirrors take a lot of disk space but are always available, caches uses less disk but depends on external connections.

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I only want an x86-64 platform for repository, and I don't want download by another way again. it acturelly like a mirror, but not a cache server, I hope the deb's always on this server. btw:the repository server can not connect to internet. – user73504 Mar 9 '11 at 8:44
So set up a mirror. – coredump Mar 9 '11 at 12:10

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