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I am in the process of trying to work out a procedure to have a backup site for our WSS 3.0 SP2 Sharepoint site. I have a single physical server in the setup, using MS SQL 2005 (not express), and using the Backup Exec 11D for backing up the server with the proper agent.

I have been tasked to create a backup site, I would like to setup a VM for the backup site. Our Content database is about 80GB, so log shipping seems to be the method that we would be using to setup the second system. I have been going though papers on the setup. I have seen different views on the setup.

It seems that either adding a second server to the farm. or Add a new farm and SQL log ship the content db to the new farm. (this seems to be more common when the data centres are not close by).

The second option notes that it a manual fail over, and then either setting a DNS entry to the new server to failover or just have users access the second site manually.

When looking at this my question is what about the Central Admin for the Backup Site, I thought I would need that also on the backup server as well?

I just seem to be missing something, that my be important but I do not seem to be finding real answers for my requirements for that backup site.

I have been going thought the MS technet articals as well

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