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I have two different machines one is windows 2003 server and other is linux cent os 5.4. Both are on the same network. Is there any way that I can mount (network mount) windows 2003 hard drive (NTFS) on to my linux server, so that I will be able to store all my heap-dumps on windows machine.

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You can mount a windows share using the mount.cifs program which is part of the SAMBA suite. You would do something like

sudo mount -t cifs //server/share /mountpoint -o user=remoteusername

You will be prompted for the password of the remote username. There are ways around this - check the documentation.

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Yes its was like that. just that it was not recognizing cifs file system though. So I mounted it without any option. So command I used is mount //ip/folder -o username=user, password=password /mnt – stillStudent Mar 9 '11 at 10:53

It's called SMB (or CIFS). Just make a windows network share, and then have a look a the documentation on how to mount it exactly as you want. Should be pretty simple.

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