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I am running some test scenarios with setting up a server farm using Windows 2008R2, IIS7.5, WebFarm Framework and Application Request Routing.

I have three servers:

WebFarm1    Controller
WebFarm2    Primary
WebFarm3    Secondary

Using just the default site on all three servers I can successfully browser to and it will load balance between WebFarm2 and WebFarm3.

I would like to setup the WebFarm so that it can replace an existing server that runs multiple sites with different bindings. For example:

TestServer1    TestSite1    D:\Sites\TestSite1\
TestServer1    TestSite2    D:\Sites\TestSite2\
TestServer1    TestSite3    D:\Sites\TestSite3\

How would I configure the WebFarm to do this?

  • Which Server do I add the three IP addresses to? I would guess at WebFarm1
  • I can create the three sites on WebFarm2 but how can I set up the bindings if it doesn't have the IP addresses?
  • Do I need to create the three sites on WebFarm1 as well?

Can anyone help or point me somewhere with any articles?

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