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I thought I could easily copy a tgz from a linux box to a windows box (cygwin) by doing this on the linux box:

nc -vv -l 4444 < file.tgz

And this on the windows box:

nc -vv 4444 > file.tgz

But whenever I do that the windows box complains: inverse host lookup failed:  : Operation not permitted
(UNKNOWN) [] 4444 (?) : Connection timed out

What am I doing wrong?

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It's usually that the socket has been closed already. Try this on the linux one (first):

nc -l -p 4444 -w5 < file.tgz

Then this on the windows box (wihin 5 seconds of the first):

nc -w5 4444 > file.tgz

The -w argument sets a timeout on the connection (5 seconds, in this case). Also, -l sets up listen mode, but you need to specify the listen port with -p.

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Uh, what exactly are you trying to do? Transfer a file from a Linux box to a Windows box?

I always use WinSCP. It connects to the Linux box's sshd and transfers files over SFTP.

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Not all boxes run an sshd, as was the case when I asked this question. – dsummersl Jun 13 at 12:21

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