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What's required to configure VPN (over IPsec) server with FreeBSD which can accept connections from iPhone? As I guess, the server should have ability to manage incoming connections, but I don't know to do that. And how to integrate the management system with VPN?

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The MPD project is the most up to date FreeBSD remote connection daemon. It provides a variety of connectivity including L2TP. See the project's homepage for more information and documentation.

Alternatively, you can go the old way of using a dedicated L2TP daemon. I found a link to a lousy article on setting up FreeBSD for iPhone VPN connections. It seems to be current enough that it would work, most of these older L2TP daemon projects are abandoned at this point though.

Basically you need:

  • The kernel recompiled with all the IPSec stuff
  • Racoon (IKE Daemon) from the ipsec-tools port
  • A L2TP Daemon like xl2tpd, openl2tp, or l2tpns

Other parts/layers are optional and will depend on your exact situation.

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