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Because HP won't change the folder structure on their FTP server's we can't update our Thin Clients. I experimented with recreating the right folder structure and then pointing to our internal FTP server in the HOSTS file on the Thinclient. This did the trick.

I need to update some 50 thinclients so changing the hosts file on each one by hand is a pain. I was wondering if and how I can configure our Windows DNS Server to trick the thinclients into thinking is for ex.


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You will need to create a zone (primary or AD integrated) for Then create a parent host record (A with no name) that points at

This should allow the server to respond to requests for without causing problems for the rest of the domain (except sub-domains of

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Ok cheers. I tried that but i must have done something wrong because it did not work. I'll try again :-) – Bento Mar 9 '11 at 15:07
Make sure the zone is on all DNS servers that the clients use too. – Doug Luxem Mar 9 '11 at 15:08

Create a zone called on your DNS server and add record pointing to IP.

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