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I'm trying to configure Team Foundation Reporting but without any success.

The App Tier and the Data Tier are in separate servers.

I guess it's not a port/firewall problem, because I opened port 135, and I can see the established connection by using TCPView (from Sysinternals) whenever I click "Populate URLs" in the Reports tab in TFS Administration Console. I can also telnet servername 135 without any problems.

I also checked if WMI service is started in the Data-Tier. And for SQL Server Reporting Services. Also checked for RPC and RPC Locator in both servers. They're all started and automatic.

I also set tfs app user as admin in sql reporting services. Added all kinds of permissions to the tfs user in the Data-Tier server.

I set all user permissions in dcomcnfg.

Allowed all WMI namespaces permissions to the user. (Computer Management -> WMI Control)

Deactivated Windows Firewall in both servers temporarily.

No luck.

However, in the app-tier, when I click Computer Management -> Connect to another computer, and type the data-tier IP, i can't connect. I get the message "Computer xxx cannot be managed. The network path was not found". How is that ? Tried IP, name, and FQDN. I also tried browsing and selecting the computer. Nothing changed.

I'm lost, what could possibly be happening ?

Thanks in Advance!

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