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I know that title may sound pretty dumb but I'm not looking for "create a dynamic distribution group!" as an answer. Let me explain.

A question I posted a little bit ago confirmed that you cannot expand a dynamic distribution group. Because I have a boss that seeks impossible things to ask for, he wants to be able to see the people in the distribution groups.

I want the low maintenance of a dynamic distribution group, but I also want to satisfy my boss' [insert harsh word here] request.

I was thinking maybe a PowerShell script that deletes the distribution group and then recreates it based on who's in an OU. I run it every time we hire/fire someone?

Or is there a way that I can keep the dynamic distribution group and then create a standard distribution group from that every time someone gets hired/fired?

Someone has to have had this [insert harsh word here] request before, can you help me out?

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I think you need a identity management solution for this. Then you can create workflows who enters or leaves the company whom wil be added/removed to the defined groups. Have you taken a look what Forefront Identity Manager 2010 can you do for you? And specific to you question: Introduction to Distribution Group Management

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