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I am talking about Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

Where can I find the list of default permissions granted to Network Service, Local Service, Local System and Application Pool service account?

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Local System can, by definition, do anything on the system. Hey, it's the operating system itself, what else could you expect? :-)

Local Service is just like a standard local user account with no administrative privileges; so it can run programs, and it has the additional right to log on as a service (as running services is exactly what it's used for), but it can't access network resources in a domain environment.

Network Service is exactly as above, but it can also access network resources in a domain; when it does, it authenticates against remote computers using the machine's domain account.

More detailed info here:

This also has been discussed here:

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Also you can always run security configuration and analysis wizard and load a default setup security template and see exactly what's configured for each service.

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