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is it possible to rewrite images? image store in /very/big/path/1.jpg , i want /img/1.jpg how can it be done?

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I think its easier to use the search here at first.


type: "nginx rewrite" to the search.

And there are many more posts where you can see how redirecting work with nginx ;).


RewriteRule ^img/(.*)$ very/big/path/$1

something like this should work.

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i need that img runs as php – kusanagi Mar 10 '11 at 14:11
ok and where is the problem? You should edit your question and write it more detailed. On the sites that i have posted you can see how the rewrite works ;) when you searh here you will find an answer i am sure... that were only 2 question from many. – Stony Mar 10 '11 at 14:16

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