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I asked this question previously but recieved a unix account response.

I am going to host a webapplication on a windows machine. Are the user access roles on Windows 7 sufficient to deny direct access by a system user to the webapps folder? In other words, i do not want a user to logon to the machine directly and start/stop the webapplication or delete the war file etc. However, i still want the webapplication to be served over the LAN via apache.

Will the Windows 7 user access roles be approrpiate for this?

p.s i had asked this question over at stack overflow but its more appropriate here

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Ideally, you would not have users logging into your webserver at all.

If that is not feasible, you can set the permissions on the webapps folder to deny access to everyone but yourself and necessary service accounts.

However, if these users that are logging in have admin rights you won't be able to stop them without going through a lot of security customization.

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thanks, i was thinking of setting up an admin account that only I/trusted users can use. Then create standard users and deny access to the webapps folder. –  Santiago Mar 10 '11 at 20:10

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