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Is the backplane of a Dell PowerVault 220S svc tag 3sdpcb1 (14 drive, 80 pin hot swap scsi) upgradeable to a SAS/SATA backplane & controller card replacement?

The unit already seems to be quite modular, with slide-out replaceable scsi controllers/connectors on the back, and slide out redundant power supplies.

With everything else so modular, the backplane would seem to be the next logically upgradeable part of this unit.

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Did you contact Dell Sales to see what they had to say? – Aaron Sep 20 '11 at 17:53

These units are rebadged Eurologic arrays and as far as I am aware the answer is no. There was some parts compatibility with a fibre channel unit, the PV224, but these arrays really predate SAS. I don't believe that Eurologic (subsequently bought out by Adaptec) ever made a SAS backplane for this chassis, although they did make other SAS/SATA units.

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