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i have a microsoft 2008 failovercluster in my lab with, also, an unproductive dns server. Unfortunately i had a hdd-crash and recover my cluster from backup.

But now, in cluster manager i see always the message the cluster name is not online.

In the eventviewer i have five entries with error od 1207. i try everything and grant the permissons. but it doesn't solve the issue afer a lot of reboots.

So, is there a way to repair the dns entries or delete the dns entries and the cluster can create the entries from scratch?

Thank you for reading this

BR Frank

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the cluster stay offline after restore the nodes from backup and put them again into the domain. Sorry, i forgot this in my question.

I read a lot of threads and Posts from microsoft. But nothing helps.

One thrad looks promises and solved my problem finally.

Here is the solution

BR Frank

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