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This is probably an easy question for anyone used to servers, and I know I once managed to do it, but I don't remember how.

I purchased a VPS and am able to connect correctly as Administrator, and can start, let's say, MyServer.exe. Problem is, if I connect as Administrator on another device, this process is still there, but I can't see it.

What I want to do is limit the connection per user to 1, and disconnect others when one logs in. I know there was a simpler term, a simple way, but I truly don't remember. And since I'm not used to the vocabulary of servers, I couldn't find it in the S/F questions.

Thanks in advance!

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There are two options for doing this:

  • Limit users to a single session using group policy. This will only allow one session per user and so attempt to reconnect to any disconnected sessions. Follow the steps in this Technet article to enable it.
  • Connect to the physical console session. In Server 2003 you can connect to the physical console session using the /admin switch (or /console in older RDP clients). This is not the same in server 2008. To connect to the console open the RDP client from the run box with the following command:

    Mstsc /v < ip or name of server > /admin
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THanks, the group policy restriction was exactly what I wanted. – Lazlo Mar 14 '11 at 19:25

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