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This questions speaks about a UNIX Fedora install, DWA-552 wireless adapter, and internet

What are the required packages on a KDE GUI installation, and on the basic UNIX TUI installation, to access internet and manage wireless networks?

On a larger scale, does anyone knows of an all encompassing list of basic functions (such as monitoring or hardware control) with their respective packages dependencies?

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KDE GUI Network Management
The key software is KDEPlasmaNetworkManagement
coupled with the correct driver from hardware, wireless-tools from base and system-config-network from administration tools, this allows user to manage and store network information. The installer from Fedora automatically installs required missing packages.

The key package is wireless-tools
it needs some packages to work:
- crda
- iw
- libnl

with these, one can enable a wireless card, list networks, config a connection, and get an ip adress. From then on, I guess a text based internet or Irc client would be useful to actually do something with internet.

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