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I want to build a test system in the office. On one box I will install XAMPP. I will put a website that I want to test on that box. Now I do not want it connected to the Internet. So my plan is to use a reverse proxy to resolve things like ads and other external links. So I am thinking of using mod_proxy for that. Now my question is, How many boxes do I need? 1 for Xampp, 1 for mod_proxy and 1 for the server where mod proxy redirects them to. Total of three. But maybe I could do it with less. Can I run Mod_proxy on the first box? Is there a better way? Thanks

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In your case I see no difference in being connected to the internet and being connected to the internet through a proxy. Just give it a LAN-address and don't forward WAN traffic to it. –  Mark Mar 13 '11 at 6:34
I need to test things on the web page. Like the ads and other external links. So I will redirect those to another box through the reverse proxy. So it will look and feel like a Internet website to a user, but in reality its an intra net in the office. –  Joe in Michigan Mar 13 '11 at 9:10

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