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I need to change my client OS from Windows 2008 to Windows 7. I therefore need to convert all of my HyperV images to Virtual Box.

What is the best way to do this? Or is there a way to run HyperV on Windows 7?

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Virtualbox does actually support importing VHD file, unfortunately this is only for VHD's created with Virtual PC, not Hyper-V, which adds some additional information to the VHD. Some people have successfully got VHD Vm's to boot by ensuring the VM in Virtualbox uses an IDE rather than SATA controller.

I'm not aware of anyway to convert VHD's straight into virtual box, however you can convert VHD files into VMWare VMDK files (using tools like Startwind V2V) which Virtualbox is then able to use.

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You just saved me a TON of frustration. Thanks Sam... I kept getting bluescreens with the SATA and SCSI controllers in Virtualbox (with my VHD created in Hyper-V), but the IDE controller worked like a charm. – Sean Earp Mar 15 '11 at 4:09
I wonder if Microsoft Convert-VHD can - as a by-effect - reduce virtual disks to "bare" VPC VHD – Arioch 'The Mar 11 at 10:19

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