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We have ~100 physical nodes which can host a large number of VMs apiece. We need to set up dhcpd on one machine to distribute addresses in a predictable fashion based on MAC address.

We'd like to go with a scheme such as:

Physical host address: A.B.255.X
VM address range: A.B.X.Y
VM MAC range: 54:52:00:00:x:y


x = Hex(X)
y = Hex(Y)

I found this post which would let us set up A.B.X.* pools based on MAC prefix 54:52:00:00:x:*, but this has two drawbacks:

  1. Each pool is dynamic, so no direct y<->Y mapping
  2. We'd have to explicitly name all the pools in the dhcpd.conf (~100 of them)

Is there some way to succinctly specify a scheme like this in dhcpd.conf?

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