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HI All,

First up, I'm a total newb at Performance Monitoring. I'm looking to set up central performance monitoring of some boxes.

  • 2K3 TS ( Monitor General OS Perf & Session Specific Counters )
  • 2K8 R2 ( XenApp 6 = Monitor General OS Perf & Session Specific Counters )
  • File Server ( Standard File I/O )

My ultimate aim is to get as many counters/information, without impacting the clients session experience at all. Including counters specific to their sessions.

I was thinking it logging directly to a SQL on another server, instead of a two part process of blg file then relog to sql.

Would that work ok? Does anyone know the overhead of going straight to SQL from the client?

I've searched around a bit, but havent found so much information it can be overwhelming.


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We log from perfmon into SQL and have collected 10s of millions of datapoints this way. I've never noticed any appreciatable overheads, and it's great to have the data immediately available.

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same opinion here. Haven't noticed perf impact of remote perfmon on Server 2008 or newer. – Bret Fisher Mar 15 '11 at 1:00
Awesome, just the info I was after. Thanks. – Scott Campbell Mar 16 '11 at 7:21

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