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I set up a ubuntu server machine to share an ext2 formatted external usb drive. When attempting to copy a single 275MB files from said device through netatalk, I get estimated download rates at around 45 min. With samba and ftp (using vsftpd) I get 1+ hours! Using scp to copy the file results in complete download within 5 minutes. Another option, ssh+cp from external device to ~ and then using netatalk to grab it from there results in a total time of arounf 7 minutes. Does anyone have a clue what is misconfigured?

Assuming that nothing is, is there any fs/pseudo-fs that would use the internal hdd as an intermediate location/onion-layer for the external hdd (for reads only)?

Details: AppleVolumes.default: /mnt/ext USB allow:username cnidscheme:cdb options:usedots,upriv

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Hi could you please test write TO the drive, both locally from ~ and from the network.

Secondly, can you please check top/ps to see what the load is when doing the samba copy in both directions.

Lastly, I'm guessing you haven't tried this from a windows client; either smb/ftp would be helpful.

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I only have mac and linux machines. I'll try to get the performance stuff later tonight... – KitsuneYMG Mar 17 '11 at 20:25
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I found the issue, The drive is a Seagate (didn't think it mattered at the time)

explained here

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