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Im migrating old mail server to iRedMail. After recreating mailboxes, admin, domains etc... in database on new iRedMail server I logged into postfixadmin and there was no mailbox or aliases ... All domains and domain admins are visible in postfixadmin, only mailboxes and aliases arent. :/ I have no idea why .... I was trying to change mysqld configuration but it didnt help. Mysql logs are empty and error log to :/ Any idea ?

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That's correct.

When you create mail accounts, they are stored in MySQL, mailboxes are not created on file system.

When users login via POP3/IMAP, dovecot service will create mailboxes on file system for users automatically.

You can also post iRedMail related questions in its official forum:

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but i recrecate file system also so there are all needed files... – B14D3 Mar 15 '11 at 10:10

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