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I am using wireshark to monitor traffic on a server - Problem is, the computer I am using is only a terminal wired through the switch. Main line comes into the server which is relayed to multi-port switch (roughly 50 connections). Right now I get a lot of server communication between my it and my terminal but shows no information for other terminals. Can wireshark be configured to monitor ALL traffic in this environment?

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You'll probably either need to put wireshark on the server itself, or set up a SPAN/Mirror port on a switch in front of the server to forward all traffic going through that interface

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To monitor all of the traffic on switched ports that you aren't on, you will need to set up a SPAN or mirror port - how you do this (or whether you can do it) depends on which switch you are using.

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Switches generally don't show traffic for other addresses...That's pretty much the point of a switch. A lot of them can be switched to "promiscuous mode" for debugging though, so that'd be the first thing I'd try. A switch in promiscuous mode will broadcast every packet it gets, so you can see the full range of traffic.

The second thing is to put a machine inline between the server and the switch (or just run wireshark on the server) so that you can see the whole of the traffic.

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