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A customer has purchased a wild-card certificate SSL for there domain, which I have managed to install on WHM as under nobody. However if you navigate to the site with HTTPS, it shows the default website page instead of the main site.


We previously installed a normal SSL certificate which worked, so are there any additional steps I need to get the wild-card SSL certificate to work?

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This behavior is unrelated to the SSL wildcard certificate. A SSL certificate will not change cause a redirect on your HTTPS server. Please check for other changes which occurred at the same time. If you haven't restarted the server in a while, it's possible that this restart picked up any changes made within the last few months. – Stefan Lasiewski Mar 15 '11 at 18:56
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The domain IP address was shared with the WHM, so it needed its own dedicated IP address before the wild card certificate would work.


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