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Does anybody know how the following storage devices will be supported by Ubuntu, Debian or Linux in generall??

  • SATA-Controller: AMD SP5100

  • SAS-Controller: LSI 1068E

Because I will buy the for my company, as a server mainboard.


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Some Googling around for "linux LSI 1068E" gives me a few links that say you'll have trouble with it. Reference: SAS disks on LSI 1068e not detected with 8.10 Supermicro X8DT3′s onboard LSI controller in Linux and sassy lip from the lsi 1068e

However, this suggests that support is recent, but exists: LSI 1068E (including LSI SAS 3442E-R and LSI 3081E-R) instabilities

I'd suggest going with something else if you have the choice.

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