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What tools are available to debug a memcache server with a high miss rate (62%)?

Ideally I would like to know the keys for the top cache misses, but I would just settle for seeing the keys of live get requests and working it out from there.

I have tried a few web based things (phpMemcache) but it doesn't have the information I need. I also tried statsproxy-1.0 which appeared to do what I need but would not play ball.

Many thanks

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if you build memcached from source

there is a memcached-debug version you can run.

Then rather than the usual memcached server you could just do something like: /usr/local/sbin/memcache-debug -v 9 > /tmp/memcached.log

I think it shows every transaction and result code.

Another way,would be to have just a teensy bit of wrapper code in the application that logs each put and get and the result.

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I am kind of between a rock and hard place as it is a live server so I can't easily make some wrapper code. – Hobozilla Mar 16 '11 at 16:30

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