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We are hosting our web site on host monster, but want our email to continue to be hosted at the old site. Our domain points to the hostmonster DNS servers, but I can't figure out the right configuration for the remote email servers. We have one MX entry, which is

priority: 0
domain: ourdomain.com

And then we have these DNS entries ...

name: mail.ourdomain.com
ttl: 14400
class: IN
type: A
record: old.host.ip.address

name: mail1.ourdomain.com
ttl: 14400
class: IN
type: A
record: old.host.secondip.address

Can someone tell me what I need to add/edit to get mail to correctly route to our old host?

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Can you post the full MX RR? dig -t mx ourdomain.com –  Mark Wagner Mar 16 '11 at 22:45

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Because your MX record is pointing to domain.com not mail.domain.com you need to fix that and you should be good to go.

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change your mx record from ourdomain.com. to mail.ourdomain.com. and its ready to go

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